Assessment Piece – Rationale Beattie Communications 2

Item – Shopping Park Launch, Events Management

Client – Vangarde Shopping Park, York

Date – February – 09.04.2014 (Opening)

Company – Beattie Communications, Leeds

A particularly interesting piece of work I completed was assisting in the development of a prestigious stakeholder event. The Vangarde Shopping Park is an exciting new development that opened in York on the 9th of April. The Park includes many shops, restaurants and leisure facilities.

The event was a stakeholder evening which included tours of John Lewis, Next and the region’s largest Marks and Spencer’s. As well as this canapés and drinks were provided with the evening culminating in The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of York unveiling some exclusive artwork.

During the run up to the event I was responsible for helping to create invite lists of  local individuals including MP’s, V.I.P’s and celebrities as well as respected business people. I then went on to retrieve contact details including postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses and through Gorkana and other databases. This responsibility felt quite great, as I was personally responsible for contacting and speaking to established guests.

Aside from speaking to guests my duties also included general events management. I researched caterers, marquee companies, decoration suppliers and beverage purveyors. One particularly memorable afternoon I was given a task of sourcing a set of cutlery that needed to be over 5 feet tall, a surprisingly difficult assignment!

As well as this I worked on tasks such as helping to arrange postage of invitations and formatting items such as name badges for the event. The event was a great success and although I didn’t attend myself my colleagues told me that my contribution had been invaluable.


6465835_900376141370110850_oImage from Vangarde Facebook page please click to enlarge.

Word count 287


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