Assessment Piece – Rationale Michael Heppell Ltd

Item – ‘Management Book of the Year’ Awards

Date – February 2014

Company – Michael Heppell Limited 

During University holidays I have been working regularly in a North East office, Michael Heppell Limited. Michael Heppell Limited is a company, which specialises in public speaking and self help. Michael himself is also an author and has had 6 books published.

During the Christmas season I was involved in a particularly interesting project to create interest in an upcoming awards ceremony. Michael’s book – ‘The Edge How The Best Get Better’ was nominated for the prestigious ‘Management Book of the Year 2014’.

The strategy for this particular project was to raise awareness of the book itself and of Michael Heppell Ltd. I began by sending out custom tweets and Facebook messages to existing followers to let them know about the competition. As judges made the decision we unfortunately couldn’t give our consumers the chance to vote themselves but instead created a buzz about the upcoming award ceremony. I used HootSuite to programme upcoming Tweets and Posts to be used in the future.

As well as this I wrote a press release which went on to be used by the organisers of the Awards ceremony and by Michael Heppell Ltd. I used Gorkana to find telephone numbers email addresses of journalists and created a media list with this information. Following this I telephoned and emailed several local and national news outlets.


MHL website – Screenshot of MHL website, click on image to enlarge.



Does he have ‘The Edge’ to win? – Original Press Release 

‘The Edge’ nominated for ‘Management Book of the Year’

North East author Michael Heppell’s book ‘The Edge – how the best get better’ has been shortlisted for the prestigious Management Book Of The Year 2014.

The Edge shows readers how highly successful leaders get to the top and how they can do the same.

Michael Heppell took three years to research and interview over 200 super successful people from all walks of life including; General Sir Mike Jackson the former head of the British Army and Danny Mayer described as the world’s greatest restaurateur.

Michael said, ‘I’m delighted to be shortlisted in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship category. I wanted to write a book that shares what I’ve learnt from the best and gives readers tools and techniques they can apply in their own lives.’

The competition, organised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), is now in its fourth year. The Management Book of the Year is held in association with the British Library and sponsored by the Henley Business School.

Piers Cain, Head of Knowledge and Customer Insight at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) said: “The standard has been very high this year and we are delighted with the shortlist, which highlights some very key management issues. The idea behind the competition is to highlight nuggets of ‘Management Gold”.

Michael Heppell is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading business coaches and works with organisations ranging from HSBC to the NHS. He has spent the last twenty years studying successful people and discovering what they do to be the very best.

After interviews with entrepreneurs, personalities and leaders from politics to education it was clear, the best didn’t get there by accident. The good news is that after reading The Edge individuals can replicate this success in their own lives.

Michael’s research found that ‘Edgers’ only live 10% of their lives in a different way. The Edge reveals to readers what this 10% is and how to create success in their own lives.

The competition winners will be announced on 3rd February 2014, during a VIP event taking place at The British Library, London.

Further information regarding the competition can be found at

Notes for editor:

Contact – Sarah Heppell

Author Michael Heppell is available for interviews and comments.

The Edge – how the best get better is published by Hodder and Stoughton

Word Count – 643


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